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Centime (Sahn-team) presents six original political songs in reaction to the take over of Wisconsin by the Koch puppet, Scott Walker. And in solidarity with the Occupy movement.


released March 8, 2012

Centime is Annelies Howell, Danny Hicks, Sean Michael Dargan, Michael Brenneis.
All songs c + p 2012 Centime
Recorded December 2011 at Tippy Skiff, Madison WI
Mixed at Studio 202, Mastered by Eric Hester at Slothtrop Music.



all rights reserved


Centime Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: It's Time For The People To Drive
It's Time for the People to Drive
c + p Michael Brenneis, 2012 Cestwa Music, BMI

The myth of infinite growth will turn you into a serf
Does anybody really believe we live sustainably here on this Earth?
What you gonna breathe?
Where you gonna live, in a world of refugees suffering under this curse?
But I say it's not over yet, fact is it's only begun
cuz you stomped on the accelerator,
right here in front of everyone

It's time for the people to drive. It's time.

25 years driving in the wrong direction
With a failed ideology at the wheel for much too long
and if you don't like tents on your state capitol lawn
just imagine how bad it's gonna get if we don't fix what went wrong
down with plutocracy
up with democracy
but if that doesn't happen pretty soon,
it's not gonna be pretty

Now when I'm talking about driving, you might think I'm talking about a black Suburban with bullet-proof glass getting 6 miles to the gallon. No! When the people drive we're gonna be driving a high-speed train. Madison to Milwaukee in 45 minutes, and then on to Chicago if that's where you choose to go. Picking up passengers at Monona Terrace, and on the East Side, don't forget about the East Side. Infrastructure, that's what I'm Talking about. Infrastructure, let's stop blowing shit up for once and build!

It's time for the people to drive. It's time.
Track Name: Marionette
c + p Michael Brenneis, 2012 Cestwa Music, BMI

You're a marionette

Look behind the curtain / pull back the velvet rope
about your future you can be certain / when you feel the hands close around your throat

we knew that your beliefs were tainted all along
you never could resist the impulse to conform
now you leave us to affirm that we are strong
when the master pulls the strings that cause you to perform